Mission Community Church holds its members in high regard and with expectation for them to lead as ambassadors of the Kingdom in their homes, their city and the world. Because of this, we ask our members to participate in an annual renewal of their membership as a way of remembering their commitment to enter into local fellowship with God and others for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

Prior to completing this form, please read MCC’s recently updated Membership Covenant and Statement of Faith.

Instructions: Please fill out ONE FORM per person. Content cannot be saved, please complete in one sitting and click submit.
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I have read the recently updated Statement of Faith and understand MCC will preach, teach and counsel from this perspective. *
I have read the recently updated Membership Covenant and I want to participate fully as an active member of this body. When there are seasons of life that cause me not to fulfill the obligations of members, I will communicate with leadership and allow myself to be cared for. *
I intend to renew my membership for the 2019 calendar year. *