Kingdom Culture is our discipleship pathway.  It is the primary method by which we will make disciples and develop leaders within our church who carry our heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. To register for Kingdom Culture classes, check out our Events page. 

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  2 Peter 3:18


Kingdom Culture is a 2-3 year adventure that is broken up into 6-week tracks that deal with some of the most important aspects of the Christian life. Intro to Kingdom Culture tracks in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 do not have to be taken sequentially, but all tracks must be completed from Phase 1 before you can move to Phase 2. Here is a breakdown of the phases and tracks:

Intro to Kingdom Culture

This 6-week introduction will introduce the basics of Christianity and will cover topics such as: the Gospel of the Kingdom, The Father’s Heart, Jesus our King, New Creations in Christ, Empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the Bride and the Battle. Intro to Kingdom Culture is required for membership at MCC.

PHASE 1:  Foundations

The first phase of Kingdom Culture is dedicated to helping our people establish a strong foundation in their faith. There are four tracks in the first phase, each lasting six weeks. The four tracks include:

Track 1: The Story of God - In this track, we will gain a deeper understanding of the big picture storyline of the Bible, as well as learn how to read the Bible for encounter. We will also provide a clear structure for how to study the Bible book by book.

Track 2: Spiritual Disciplines - In this track, we will learn about and experience the ancient Biblical spiritual disciplines, which are a vital part of connecting with the Lord in a personal way.

Track 3: Stewardship - In this track, we will be challenged to steward everything that the Lord has entrusted to us for His glory.

Track 4: Our Values - In this training, we will continue to develop the culture of the Kingdom through communicating and practicing the values of MCC. We can’t wait to see these values become woven throughout the hearts of the people in this church community to transform homes, Charlotte and the world!

PHASE 2:  Citizenship

The second phase of Kingdom Culture is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of our true identity as new creations in Christ, helping us to step into that freedom so that we learn to live in the fullness of what Christ accomplished for us through His life, death, and resurrection. There are four tracks in the second phase, each lasting six weeks. The four tracks include:

Track 1: Identity - In this track, we cover the basis of our new identity, which is Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Through Him our identity is not only found, but also secure. The realization of who we are in Christ changes everything about our lives.

Track 2: Feelings and Emotions - In this track, we will unpack the beautiful gift of feelings and will explore what it means to worship God with our whole heart. God gave us feelings and emotions to be tools in helping us to experience the fullest life possible. Unfortunately, many are untrained in how to develop and manage their emotions for good, and they end up being more of a problem than a blessing. We want our emotions to be tools that trigger further exploration, understanding, encounter, and dependency on Jesus.

Track 3: Healing, Freedom, and Deliverance - In this track, we will seek after a deeper understanding of healing, freedom, and deliverance. All of us have wounds from the past or difficult dilemmas and complexities in our present situations. Also, many of us have undesired generational influences that seems to plague us in ways that hinder God’s activity in our lives. We want to pursue more and more freedom so that we might walk in all that Jesus purchased for us on the cross.

Track 4: Uniquely You - In this track, we will become more aware of who we are and how God has uniquely created us. We will develop a personal mission statement, take personality tests, and learn how to honor each other in the unique design in which God has created us.

PHASE 3:  Empowerment

The third phase of Kingdom Culture is completely focused on empowering our people for the work of ministry. The first two phases lay a solid foundation, and this is the time to build upon that foundation and begin to activate your gifts in more specific ministry areas. The goal for this third phase is to train, equip and empower each person in their area of giftedness so that they might participate in gospel ministry and in building up the church. There is no time frame for this phase as each person will get the specific training needed to help them succeed. We will offer training in various areas of ministry such as, but not limited to: Leadership, Prophecy, Preaching/Teaching, Worship (Music), Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare, Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Family Ministry, Intercession, Healing, Missions, and Discipleship.


These tracks will take place in a large group setting with 6-8 people at round tables so that we can have more personal discussions throughout our time together. Our interactions will be aimed at the heart, not just the head. In other words, the goal is not to teach people mere information, but to create an environment where people encounter the Lord and have their lives changed. We believe this happens through the Word of God, in the Presence of God (the Holy Spirit), and alongside a community of believers who can encourage one another and spur each other on toward love and good deeds.


There are many reasons to have an intentional structure for discipleship and leadership development within the local body.  Some of those reasons include:

  • We are trying to create a culture within our church that reflects the Kingdom of God. This process allows us to share our heart, our convictions, and our DNA with our people so that individuals can rise up and take part in helping us build this culture.

  • Most believers do not have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, which leads to a weak foundation. Churches must be intentional in helping people establish this foundation in order to build their lives upon the rock of Jesus Christ.

  • It is helpful for us to see the end goal and the “big picture” before we enter into a discipleship process. This way we know what we are aiming for and what our “next step” is in the process.

  • Discipleship and leadership development do not happen overnight. We must be committed to this process and have a plan if we are going to grow, and the church should help provide that structure.

  • This structure will allow families to grow together, as this material will be used with students, adults, and, in some ways, children’s ministry.

  • The typical strategy of the American church where people attend church on Sundays and are a part of some type of group has not proven to be the most effective model for growth and leadership development within local churches. We need more intentionality and we feel that this process will play a significant role in helping people mature in their faith, be developed as leaders, and bless the community around them.

  • This model seeks to put ministry in the hands of the people and allow them to lead out as we continue to reach more people in our city. It is a practical way to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12, 2 Timothy 2:1-2, 1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 28:18-20).